Connecting Trainers
with Clients

Repps™ is a mobile marketplace where people pay trainers like you for expert advice. Start meeting new local clients and get paid for every single quick fitness tip you give, wherever you are, whenever you want.

No Cost

No Ongoing Costs

Seriously, no subscription. No membership fees. Just answer questions and get paid.

Easy PayPal Payments

Easy PayPal Payment

Once you link to PayPal, Repps™ continually deposits your income into your account for you.

Local Clients

Meet Local Clients

Repps™ connects geo-targeted users with local trainers so you can build relationships with potential clients in your area.

Connecting Trainers with Clients
Tailored to You

Tailored to You

Get connected with users specifically looking for your areas of expertise, so you get the kind of questions you can answer quickly and effectively.

Continuous Converations

Continuous Conversations

Simple thread design makes it easy for current clients and new prospects to keep following up with you on Repps™, adding money to your account every single time you respond.

Fast Sign Up

Super-Fast Sign-Up

Get started instantly by linking to your Facebook, Instagram, or Google+ instead of having to set-up a new account.

Turn Your Texts
Into Instant Income

You’re probably used to giving away tons of free advice to your current clients by answering their texts well after your scheduled sessions. We built Repps™ to turn those same conversations into the instant income you’ve earned.


Instant Notifications

You don’t have to be logged in or tied to Repps™ to make money. Just tap push notifications when they come to claim the questions you want to answer.


Instant Payment

As soon as you successfully answer a question, payment will be added to your account.


Instant Contacts

A full history of everyone you’ve helped will be stored in your account to follow up with, complete with customer profiles and the full transcript of your conversations.


Start Your Repps™ Today

Fast, Easy Income For Personal Trainers

Open our Apple or Android App and start in seconds. It’s time you got paid for the job you’re already doing, and with Repps™ you only work when you want to work.

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Leverage Your Social Media

Having a presence on social media is a great way to connect with potential clients, but it also makes it easy for them to take advantage of your free advice.

On the other hand, the internet has been an easy way for people to get fitness advice, but it’s rarely accurate or best for their body.

Repps™ helps both sides by paying trainers for their expertise and making sure people are getting qualified answers for their health.

Leverage Your Social Media


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